Monday, April 12, 2010

Seriously Geeky Post:

This year will bring us an extremely significant date.  October 10th, 2010.   In binary, 101010=42!  In case you don't know, 42 is the ultimate answer.  Or, if you prefer, 42 in science terms.  My references include a site that has been up for almost a year now, is a functional repository of scientific knowledge.  Anything that you can enter into that site in scientific terms you will get some interesting results.

Next highly odd item:

a Venn diagram………


This finally provides an explanation for the terminology that we all use.  Most people use the terms “geek”, “nerd”, and “dork”, interchangeably.  I have always felt that was inaccurate. Here finally, is a proper way to show someone how to define it.

According to this chart, I am either  a geek or a nerd.  I lean more to the geek side, since I do have a few social skills (at least, more than some of the other nerds/dorks that I have met).


And, check this out!   If this is half as awesome as the original movie it will blow all of our minds!

Tron Legacy Trailer












Finally, huge props go out to the

“Current Geek” podcast!  These guys dig up the best topics, and cover them from the perspective of sci-fi fans, and science enthusiasts!  I highly recommend this to all the geeks out there. (refer to the diagram to see if you qualify)

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