Sunday, February 28, 2010

Today’s Pictures



Lets start with interesting off – camera flash effects.  This bottle of Midori is mostly full, you can see the level of liquid just below the label.  The SB-600 was positioned just below it, and set to wireless TTL.  The camera had my 50mm F/1.8 prime lens on, set at F/1.8 and aperture priority mode.  1/60sec  ISO100   This is a cool shot!

     Also, I learned a new way to mix Midori.  In an 8oz tumbler, put 1 or 2 fingers of Midori, a few ice cubes, and fill the rest up with milk.  It tasted just like the melon float I had in Tokyo a couple years ago!  Delicious!!

     Interestingly, Suntory is a Japanese company, and this melon flavor seems to be only available from Japan.  After my reaction to the melon float, Manami and I had been looking for the melon flavored soda that was used to make it.  It simply isn't available outside Japan, certainly not in Texas.  This Midori Liqueur is the exact same flavor, with a slight kick.

Midori means “green” in Japanese

mocha playing

     Here is Mocha playing with a beat up old kitty toy.  The thing has been lost under the dresser for months, and chewed so much it looks like a dried up body of a real mouse.  After recovering this from under the dresser, we threw it into the toybox and it was immediately taken out and I think it may already have been lost again.  Aren't cats great?!?!?!

     24-60mm F/2.8 Lens @60mm      D80 on Aperture priority F/2.8  SB-600 on the shoe, with a white Omni-Bounce.  1/60sec  ISO100

     Finally, I was over at the Bueckers house with Rusty playing around with my camera and got this shot.  D80, 50mm F/1.8  1/4000sec  ISO100  Aperture priority  no flash.  I simply held the camera under the chandelier, half-pressed the shutter and shot when I heard the focus beep.  I love the shallow depth of field that prime lenses can give!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow Snail???

2010-02-23 16.54.24

My friend Matt apparently feels that a snowman is way too mainstream.    This is the result…….. 

It’s Gary from Spongebob!!!! 

Its Awesome!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow Day!! Finally!

snow day-11 snow day-19 snow day-26


Tuesday Febuary 23, 2010

Today we had a snow day!  The first we have had in years.  It was awesome!

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snow day-28 snow day-48 snow day-49 snow day-50 snow day-52 snow day-53