Thursday, May 28, 2009

Water Cooling Madness!!!!!!!!!!


Antec P-180B  -  Watercooled

What started as a perfectly normal Antec case, has now become something slightly crazier.  Add a D-Tek Fuzion v2 cpu block, a dangerden CPX Pro pump, one cross-flow 120mm radiator, and an XSPC 250cc passive cooling reservoir.  Result?  One overclocked Quad-Core processor running cooler than I had hoped for!

Q6600 @3.4ghz      28C idle   -      49C load

now that this insane project is nearly finished, i should probably clean my desk.........

enjoy the pics!


P1000084 P1000077 P1000078 P1000079 P1000080  P1000082 P1000083

Monday, May 25, 2009

Houston Zoo May 24, 2009


We went to the Houston Zoon on sunday,   it was cool, right up until we got rained out.



zootrip12 zootrip8 zootrip9 zootrip10 zootrip11 P1000054 P1000073 P1000075 here are a couple of drowned rats, in the pouring rain

here is the feeding of one of their sea lions.

pics from the old camera….


Here are the two best shots from my old Olympus E-10

4mp, slow, and clunky thing.   Still, these turned out good.

The timing was complete luck.  No way i could have planned this…..





lightning strike