Thursday, May 28, 2009

Water Cooling Madness!!!!!!!!!!


Antec P-180B  -  Watercooled

What started as a perfectly normal Antec case, has now become something slightly crazier.  Add a D-Tek Fuzion v2 cpu block, a dangerden CPX Pro pump, one cross-flow 120mm radiator, and an XSPC 250cc passive cooling reservoir.  Result?  One overclocked Quad-Core processor running cooler than I had hoped for!

Q6600 @3.4ghz      28C idle   -      49C load

now that this insane project is nearly finished, i should probably clean my desk.........

enjoy the pics!


P1000084 P1000077 P1000078 P1000079 P1000080  P1000082 P1000083

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