Saturday, September 27, 2008

Congregation Parties


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September 6, 2008

Party at Mark & Joan Nelson's house.   I was mostly interested in the birds.

Nelsons Party_20080906_0054 Nelsons Party_20080906_0060 Nelsons Party_20080906_0063 Nelsons Party_20080906_0038Nelsons Party_20080906_0029Nelsons Party_20080906_0046Nelsons Party_20080906_0024Nelsons Party_20080906_0021

Nelsons Party_20080906_0072 Inflatable waterslide!  

Nelsons Party_20080906_0084Some kind of purple flower,  backlit with SB-600

After a while, Manami took the camera and followed the kids around.

 Nelsons Party_20080906_0086 Nelsons Party_20080906_0101 poor bunny.

Nelsons Party_20080906_0102 Nelsons Party_20080906_0103 Nelsons Party_20080906_0105

It was a good time.......




September 20, 2008

Tony & Joann Bueckers 40th Anniversary

  Tony Jo 40th_092008_0033   Tony Jo 40th_092008_0061 

Games were Played,     Food was had,   People were goofy,

  Tony Jo 40th_092008_0111 Tony Jo 40th_092008_0117Tony Jo 40th_092008_0037Tony Jo 40th_092008_0038

Tony and Jo got some good loot,

Tony Jo 40th_092008_0137

Tony Jo 40th_092008_0122 Tony Jo 40th_092008_0130 Tony Jo 40th_092008_0133


Cows Multiplied!! 

The one with white on his head was born the day before, and the all black calf was born during the party!

Tony Jo 40th_092008_0021Tony Jo 40th_092008_0022

Tony Jo 40th_092008_0100      Tony Jo 40th_092008_0092

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