Friday, March 16, 2012

The Flying Plank RR moves along

Having made some progress on the train set its time to put up some new pics.  I have replaced the mess of switches at the control yard with a pair of Kato Unitrack double crossovers.  I had to replace the 12v controller, so I went with the Kato speed control that hooks up to the switch controls for the double crossovers. 

train-set-march-4train-set-march-10train-set-march-7At one point I also suffered a total failure of my little switcher engine so the obvious choice was the dirt cheap Bachmann GP50 wearing a Union Pacific dress.


I am particularly proud of the arch supported bridge. That arch is made from 3 strips of 1/16th balsa bent around the rim of a 5 gallon bucket and glued. The concrete (grey 2x4’s) foundations will eventually be surrounded by the scenery


Saturday, March 3, 2012

HOTROC–Asa Saturday March 3 2012

Here are the pictures that I got Saturday afternoon.  Certainly not all the good launches for the day, but I think these are the best of the pictures I took.
If any of the participants want the Hi-res versions, just let me know through the hotroc mailing list.


And here is the big finish!  This is a succesful L2 cert after much effort.  Clean launch, straight flight, recovered between the launchpad and the control table.  Only with a tiny bit of inconsequential damage to the fuselage.  This guy flew right over my head, landing in the field about 15 yards behind me.  Beautiful flight!