Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Home Theater Project Inches Forward…..


Took a few days off work here recently, and set a couple of them aside for home improvement days.  The project at hand was to remove the old pull down screen I have had in place for the last 7 years, and replace it with a larger screen, and make it a grey screen too.

    The chosen color for the room is “Wild Plum”  (Manami picked it)
I was a little skeptical of making the room all fruity, but once I got started on it, I found that the plum really does look good.
Here is a “before” shot, with just the test patch of plum showing to the right.

After all the dismantling and prep work, here is the wall with the first coat of paint applied.

Note the thick bundle of cables hanging from the ceiling.  that is HDMI, Composite, S-Video, and Power running up to the projector.   During this stage of the project, I left the projector hooked to the cable box so that I could watch whatever was on while I worked.  The change in the color of the image from reflecting off a white wall to reflecting off a plum wall is amazing!  The plum paint destroyed any contrast or accurate color that may have been on at the time……..
Next step: room reassembled, basic part of the screen is built.   Time for a test-fit.

Here is a piece of 1/2 inch sanded plywood, hanging from a framework of 2x4’s.  The black panels to the sides are for mounting the front speakers. There are no studs in the wall to hang those speakers from, so the plywood panels span the gap and provide a secure hardpoint.


Here is the finished product!  At least for this stage.  I still have to build a new set of shelves onto the wall in that corner for all the DVD’s and hopefully soon for some Bluray discs.  I also am in the progress of building a new HTPC that will replace my DVD player for good. 
The screen measures (on the viewable area)  48 Inches tall x 77 Inches wide.  the paint is an N8 neutral gray, I had it mixed at Lowes from the Olympic Ultra Pure White Base.