Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ron Schrader got a new HTPC - Its Cool!



A month or so ago, I was asked to build a new computer.  It’s specs were simple.  Good websurfing, DVD and BluRay Playback, and no visible wires.    Here are the results.                



            What we have here is an Athlon II 240 (2.8 ghz dual core), 2GB of ram, and a 320GB HDD.  Plus the all important Bluray drive.  The Video is the onboard Radeon HD4200, with a pci-Ex16 slot for a better video card later if wanted. Plus a wireless keyboard with trackball integrated.

All that stuff is cool, but the part that I liked the best was the case.  nMediaPC Black Aluminum 1000B HTPC Case.  About $80 on   Isn’t this case fantastic!   It looks like, and is the same size as my Kenwood home theater reciever.  The Bluray drive fit nicely behind the little flappy door, and all the components inside are standard mAtx parts.  And a standard size Antec power supply.


The Picture is Clear as a bell @ 1280x720.  And Bluray titles play with HDCP function.  (We tested with “The Last Starfighter”)P9130046


The TV is wall mounted (obviously), and the power and HDMI cables are run inside the wall.  Right next to the HTPC is a DVR (Time Warner), and both components have all their assorted cables completly hidden!  The PC runs on Wi-Fi (that little stubby antenna) and its antenna sits in between the PC and the DVR, out of sight.

     This may not be the fastest computer on the block, but the case and the setup in the room with the big screen and the wireless keyboard make this the classiest setup I have been part of.


And it is so clean and neat inside!P9120038




Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nick & Shannon Kaechler. Sept 19, 2009

  Yesterday, my cousin Nick got hitched.  It was a nice hitchin’  and the reception was @ this fantastic park kind of place near College Station.  I wasn’t the official photographer, but he was so busy setting up portraits that he couldn’t get the candid shots.  People as they really are is much more interesting than posed portraits anyway.

Here is a glimpse of people as they really were on 9-19-09


Nicks Wedding!_091909_0218



Nicks Wedding!_091909_0184

The Guy with his back to us is the professional photographer.  He seemed to really know his stuff, and made the folks really comfortable with the process.  That is as important as the quality of the photos he produces.  The thin guy on the left is the Minister.

Nicks Wedding!_091909_0196

On the left:  Mr&Ms Robert Reagan  In the middle: Nick & Shannon  On the right:  Robert & Nancy Kaechler

Nicks Wedding!_091909_0205  Nicks Wedding!_091909_0208 Nicks Wedding!_091909_0206

This picture made the whole set!

Nicks Wedding!_091909_0212 Nicks Wedding!_091909_0213  Nicks Wedding!_091909_0237Nicks Wedding!_091909_0225Nicks Wedding!_091909_0226 


One wonders what the commentary from the groomsmen was………


Nicks Wedding!_091909_0241

Nicks Wedding!_091909_0229  


Nicks Wedding!_091909_0245

Great location.   Wish I had my tripod!

Nicks Wedding!_091909_0254

Nicks Wedding!_091909_0167 Nicks Wedding!_091909_0172 Nicks Wedding!_091909_0175 Nicks Wedding!_091909_0201 Nicks Wedding!_091909_0221

Everybody set up for the big finish!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday Night @ Hamilton’s



hamilton baby shower_082509_0142


Spent the evening with friends.  Perfectly normal people, right?


hamilton baby shower_090509_0033 hamilton baby shower_090509_0040 hamilton baby shower_090509_0042 hamilton baby shower_090509_0054 hamilton baby shower_090509_0056 hamilton baby shower_090509_0058 hamilton baby shower_090509_0072

MMMMMM.. Sprinkler water is my favorite….

hamilton baby shower_090509_0083 hamilton baby shower_090509_0091

Guard the candy!!

hamilton baby shower_090509_0110 hamilton baby shower_090509_0111 hamilton baby shower_090509_0113 hamilton baby shower_090509_0114 hamilton baby shower_090509_0125