Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lisa & Corbin Smith – June 13 2010


Manami and I recently had the privilege of handling the video and music for a wedding.  While we were there, we took the opportunity to get some nice pictures of the couple and thelisacorbinsmith55 goings on.

The wedding was held at Clifton House, on Austin Ave.  It’s a nice place, but it was HOT!  Fortunately, the ceremony was kept mercifully short and we moved indoors for a small reception.





Here they are coming back into the house right after the “I do’s”.  Note the huge grin on his

face.  =)

Here are a few random shots we grabbed while taking turns with the video camera and the sound system. (all but two of these were actually taken by Manami, I spent most of the time trying to do decent video)

lisacorbinsmith47    lisacorbinsmith59lisacorbinsmith15lisacorbinsmith4lisacorbinsmith60

It was a nice wedding, and our best wishes go out to the young couple.

Photos posted here by permission of the bride’s mom.  Please don’t copy or reuse them without their permission.