Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The process of building a garage / workshop…..

basically, it is not that hard to do.  but it is time consuming like crazy.

plus, it helps to have a square and level foundation to begin with.   we on the other hand, started with a foundation that someone else poured and simply have to deal with it.

WorkshopConstruction13 WorkshopConstruction1 WorkshopConstruction2 WorkshopConstruction3 WorkshopConstruction4 WorkshopConstruction5 WorkshopConstruction6 WorkshopConstruction7 WorkshopConstruction8 WorkshopConstruction9 WorkshopConstruction10  WorkshopConstruction12WorkshopConstruction11

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Windows 7 Gaming update:

First of all, the soundcard issue reported earlier did not get a proper resolution.  Creative labs drivers dont recognize my Soundblaster XFi card as one of their products.  So none of the drivers will work at all.  This problem has been recurrent through the whole time I have had this XFi card.   And there were similar problem with my older Soundblaster Live card.  I will not be purchasing any new Soundblaster products.  Instead I am looking to Asus and other sound card makers.


Now, on to GAMING!!

Windows 7 seems to support games at this beta stage nearly as well as vista does post sp1.  Supreme Commander works like butter.  Rayman: Raving Rabbids also is smooth,  and insane.  Need for Speed: Pro Street has an odd problem.  The game loads, setup all the graphics and controls, and plays fine through the first race.  Then it locks up on the continue screen.  I also noticed that it had pegged out one cpu core to max.  It never did that under vista.

But the game of the hour is the newly released Burnout: Paradise, the Ultimate Box!  WOW!

It installs cleanly, the evil securom thing is there, but it presents no problems this time.   And the game is simply fantastic.  It may inspire me to post up my first game review.

that is enough typing.  I must return to driving like a maniac!