Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pedernales Falls revisited

My in-laws came to visit last week.  It was a long trip for them, and only lasted a week, so we chose to spend a day driving around the hill country to show them a little of what Texas is all about.  Specifically, Pedernales Falls State Park.  Note: It’s hillarious how I tower over the rest of them =)

DSC_6458-Edit      DSC_6464

      On the way back, we crossed the river in Llano.  I had forgotten what a nifty bridge that is, and the waterfall right above it caught my eye.  

   Here are the results.  I think maybe this needs to brighten up a bit, but its fantastic!



There was also a small anniversary party for them at my parents house,  which resulted in this:

This is the result when I asked my brother in law to get creative, I didn’t think this would work…..  Turned out pretty good eh?


Hopefully it wont be 6 months before I post again,    Bye!