Friday, May 28, 2010

Persian Cuisine and Flowers

Thursday, May 27th 2010

      Alborz Persian Buffet

      The food was excellent!  The service was prompt. and the ambience was nice and calm.  If Manami and I    happen to be in the area again we would not hesitate to stop in for lunch.  The price was reasonable, around $10 each for the buffet.  There was lamb stew, rice with lentils, albalu polow, Tzatziki, hummus, and lightly crisp flat bread, and more.  One thing we noticed, there was no “american food” on the table.  I  wish this happened at more ethnic restuarants, instead of sticking a cheese pizza beside the gyros or the chow mein.austin2010anniversary17   austin2010anniversary14austin2010anniversary15   austin2010anniversary16



        After that excellent lunch we made our way over to the Zilker Botanical Garden.  This place is nothing new, but it is our retreat of choice when we want to escape for a couple hours.  Even in 100 degree weather, most parts of this little park are still pleasant.  The air has that oxygen rich smell that humans call “invigorating”.  Manami and I agreed yesterday that the air smelled “green”.   The only thing that could make this park better would be if it were closer to home. 




DIY Tile Shower

I haven’t been doing much photography lately, because most of my free time has been spent attempting to build a shower in the place where i took out the busted, junky old bathtub.  What has emerged from the cocoon of dust and trash is suprisingly nice, though certainly not perfect.  I have learned some valuable lessons, thats for sure.  First:  DO NOT hook up the p-trap under the shower floor till everything else is finished.  Otherwise you will be making a run to the local ace hardware to get a new one when you discover that the old one has filled up with concrete and grout.  Second:  Tile is messy!  Plan to get hollered at by your wife about all the dust and grout that you tracked onto her carpet.  =(

     I didnt think to get a picture of the tub that went away, or of the sub-floor and curb structure.  But here are the pics of the process.    Hooray for the finished project!  Now on to the next………


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Denton Assembly Hall

Panoramic view of the interior of the Denton, Tx assembly hall.  Stiched from 7 12mp images using Microsoft Image Compositing Editor.

denton panorama-1

click the image to get the original, gigantic file.  there is quite a bit of detail in there.