Friday, May 28, 2010

DIY Tile Shower

I haven’t been doing much photography lately, because most of my free time has been spent attempting to build a shower in the place where i took out the busted, junky old bathtub.  What has emerged from the cocoon of dust and trash is suprisingly nice, though certainly not perfect.  I have learned some valuable lessons, thats for sure.  First:  DO NOT hook up the p-trap under the shower floor till everything else is finished.  Otherwise you will be making a run to the local ace hardware to get a new one when you discover that the old one has filled up with concrete and grout.  Second:  Tile is messy!  Plan to get hollered at by your wife about all the dust and grout that you tracked onto her carpet.  =(

     I didnt think to get a picture of the tub that went away, or of the sub-floor and curb structure.  But here are the pics of the process.    Hooray for the finished project!  Now on to the next………


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