Thursday, December 31, 2009

Microsoft Misses the Target……

   Microsoft seems to be on a roll this past year.  Windows 7 seems to be off to the races, the Zune HD is all that it was promised to be.  Office 2010 preliminary findings look good.  And Windows Live is shaping up to be an excellent suite of services.

     However, there is one huge glaring hole in the Windows Live for Mobile lineup.  THERE IS NO CALENDAR SUPPORT!   WHY?

I realize that these things take some time to develop, but this has been missing for the whole two years or so that Windows Live email support has functioned for me.  Isn’t it plainly logical that the next step after getting email to sync / push to a mobile device is that the calendar should too?  I thought that Windows Mobile was generally viewed as the Mobile OS for business types, right behind the ubiquitous crackberry.

     There is the possibility that I have completely missed something, but I have been searching for two years to get this working.  I Have a nice desktop client with full calendar support, I can sync events between my and my wife’s live calendars, and I get email notices on the smartphone’s email client of upcoming events.  The only thing that is missing is the ability to establish a new event from the smartphone interface.  This is one of the purposes of carrying the device in my pocket.    I have seen workarounds that involve Outlook, and Google Sync, and jumping though a dozen hoops to make it sort of work.   That is not the point.  Windows mobile 6.5 should support Windows Live Services.  This is just common sense. 

Somebody please find a way to get the point across to the decision makers on the Windows Live team.

     Or leave a comment that points me to what I have missed….


Andrew said...

Agreed Man - they need this fixed quickly, hopefully Wave 4 does it!

Chris said...

I've been beating this drum for many months. For the life of me, I can't figure out why WM doesn't support Live Calendar. The only thing I can think of anymore is that perhaps WM doesn't support concurrent use of both Exchange Calendar and Live Calendar...and Microsoft doesn't want to introduce a data conflict issue for their business users?

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