Thursday, November 26, 2009

The first full day in Hawaii

   It has been a long day……   But a good one.

hawaii day two-3731

This is the View from our window at sunrise.   That is Diamond Head Crater, the short side of it anyway.

    We met some friends down at the breakfast on the third floor.  And then we went walking.   And walking.   And walking…..


hawaii day two-3748 hawaii day two-3749 hawaii day two-3756 hawaii day two-3757

First we went to Waikiki Beach, about 5 minutes from our hotel.  No time for swimming today, so we just walked in the sand, and looked at all the weird people.  There is an interesting breakwater protecting the beach, while still allowing fish and surfers to get in and out.    Near the other end of Waikiki Beach, is the “International Marketplace”.   This is a great big tourist trap, and we got suckered into buying some nifty junk for our poor unfortunate family and friends..      Then back to the hotel to drop off junk, and we saw this……..

This  Rainbow image is unedited, straight out of Manami’s Camera!!!!P1000349

Then off to lunch, at a Japanese place where they serve raw meat, and each table has a small gas grill built into it on which you cook your dinner.  Its kind of expensive, but SOOOOOOO worth it.

P1000347 P1000343

And, Manami got me my favorite Melon Soda Float!!!!!    yiiipeeee!!


Thats all for today, We are so tired it’s not funny.

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