Thursday, October 22, 2009

Whopper. Really………..






Only in Japan!

    Engadget has a story up this morning about this weeks Weird burger from Japan.  The Windows 7 Whopper!  7 meat patties!    

   The first 30 customers each day get it for 777 yen, around 9 dollars.  After that it goes up to the set price of 1450 yen, around 17 dollars.  This thing looks like a heart attack on a stick.   How could you even get a corner of it in your mouth?

  While visiting Japan last year, I tried the “Mega Mac” ( a Big Mac with 4 patties instead of 2), and the Teriyaki Burger. Both offered by the Japanese McDonalds stores.  They were awesome, but the Mega Mac was really more than I cold handle.  This Towering Meat Stack is almost frightening!

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Manami said...

see i told you Japan is a wacky country! i love it

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