Friday, September 12, 2008

A Ride for my D80

User Report of the Tamrac Explorer  (tamrac 5502)

Early this year I began the search for a better camera, and with it a better way to carry things.  My search for a suitable bag took a while, during which  I found an Explorer 2 on a shelf at Yodobashi Camera in Tokyo.  At the time I found it too big for the camera I had then, an Olympus E-500, so I passed on it.   Fast-Forward to May and the arrival of the D-80,  it simply did not fit in the holster style bag I had the E-500 nestled into.      

                                                                 Tamrac Review_091208_0014 Tamrac Review_091208_0007 was happy to sell me the Explorer 2, and I attached the Tamrac modular packs to it that I had on the older bag.  Viola!  Perfect fit!   Looking at the face of the bag I have a medium lens case on the left and a large accessory pocket on the right with a filter pocket hitched onto its top loop

                                                 Tamrac Review_091208_0001

As you can see from the photos below, there is plenty of room for everything I need. 

Tamrac Review_091208_0002 Tamrac Review_091208_0003 Tamrac Review_091208_0004 Tamrac Review_091208_0005

Tamrac Review_091208_0006  Tamrac Review_091208_0008 Tamrac Review_091208_0009

In the back pocket I keep a slim cardboard box with my Roscoe flash gels, in the large side pocket is my SB-600 flash.  The filter pouch is attached to the top of the flash pocket.  The Sigma 70-300 fits neatly in the lens case on the other side.  Inside the main chamber are  Velcro strips for mounting the dividers.  Tamrac provides several different divider parts that can be put in however you desire.  I love that.

I have it set to accept my D-80 with a Sigma 24-60EX f/2.8 lens attached, and its hood reversed, lens pointing down.  Lying on its side and under the handgrip is a Sigma 18-200mm zoom with its caps on and its hood reversed

The shoulder strap is nice sturdy nylon with thick plastic D-rings attaching it to the body.  No worry that it might break, and the D-rings make nice points to clip on accessories.  I have my IR remote on a little keychain hanging from one side, and a carabiner on the other side where I can hook a pouch for my compact tripod

The Explorer 2 is rugged enough that I have no worries throwing it in the passenger seat of my work truck or climbing down into a creek with it to shoot a flower.  Even though it is not actually waterproof, I have been out in the rain with it and my camera stayed almost completely dry.

Long story short - I have been really pleased with this kit, and I can easily recommend it to anyone who needs to tote the gear.

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